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Euro-bungee Jump

A family attraction for all ages and abilities

Perform gravity defying moves, extraordinarily high jumps, and amazing acrobatic activity with the complete safety and stability of the Euro-bungee.  This spectacular sport can be enjoyed by all ages, allowing all skill levels to sample acrobatic and gymnastic motions. It builds confidence, promotes fitness, and creates fun for the entire family.​​​​​​

This rental is fully staffed at all times. Rental includes: 

  • transportation of equipment within 25 miles of 03842
  • set up
  • constant and unlimited operation during event 
  • dismantle and removal
35'x 35'  
40' height

Power: (2) 

4 hour minimum rental required ​​
prices starting at
USD $1000 /4 hours 

*Percentage rates available for large public events
 Please contact us for specifics

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Safety is top priority for us and we adhere to a strict set of regulations to     guarantee that  every participant is in good hands.  Our equipment is licensed, insured, and inspected by every state we do business in. In addition, our staff is extensively trained and is by far some of the most experienced individuals in the  amusements industry. 
We take pride in having some of the most unique equipment in the industry. Our equipment is top of the line and in order to keep it that way we routinely provide a significant amount of maintenance. Each piece of equipment is vacuumed, scrubbed down, and inspected for wear and tear after every use.  Equipment is frequently upgraded in order to embrace a proactive approach. 

Experience That Counts

We have participated in hundreds of events across the United States and a big thank you goes out to each and every one of them! Below we have highlighted a tiny portion of our enormous resume to showcase a few of the wonderful venues that we've had the pleasure of working with over the years.
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